Technical cross-fertilization between terrestrial microgrids and ship power systems

Authors: Robert E. HEBNER, Fabian M. URIARTE, Alexis KWASINSKI, Angelo L. GATTOZZI, Hunter B. ESTES, Asif ANWAR, Pietro CAIROLI, Roger A. DOUGAL, Xianyong FENG, Hung-Ming CHOU, Laurence J. THOMAS, Manisa PIPATTANASOMPORN, Saifur RAHMAN, Farid KATIRAEI, et al.
Publisher: Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy ( Volume: 4, Issue: 2, April 2016)
Published on: 04/30/2016
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Aspects of terrestrial microgrids and ship power systems are examined. The work exposes a variety of technical synergies from these two power systems to effectively advance their technologies. Understanding their overlap allows congruent efforts to target both systems; understanding their differences hinders conflict and redundancy in early-stage design. The paper concludes by highlighting how an understanding of both systems can reduce the investment in research resources.

Microgrid , Power systems , Ship power systems