The 2019 Global Grid Forum was held in Vancouver, Canada on September 10th. At the meeting, the first international organization initiated by China in the energy field, the Global Energy Internet Development Cooperation Organization, published the report “Research on North American Energy Internet”. This forum gathered topics such as global power grid development, innovation, and investment in the 21st century, focusing on topics such as renewable energy development and transmission, transnational power interconnection, power grid planning, and technological innovation. The first report of the “North American Energy Internet Research” published by China’s first international organization in the energy field, the Global Energy Internet Development Cooperation Organization, proposed a Chinese plan for the sustainable development of future energy in North America and the world. According to the solution in the report, North America’s energy interconnection capabilities will increase, and it will then become an integral part of the global energy Internet.

Liu Zhenya, Chairman of the Global Energy Internet Development Cooperation Organization: The Global Energy Internet is a modern energy system with clean energy production, wide-area configuration, and electrified consumption. It is an important platform for the large-scale development, transmission, and use of clean energy on a global scale. It is “smart grid + UHV grid + clean energy”.

Research shows that although North America has a high level of economic development, economic development is uneven. At present, fossil energy consumption is the mainstay, and total carbon emissions have declined, but it is still huge. At the same time, the abundant water, wind and solar energy in North America needs to be further developed and utilized.

Saif Raman, chairman of the Energy Branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers: This report is very attractive and full of content. It puts forward new ideas for future energy development planning and systematic design of global energy interconnection. This report focuses on technology and also gives investment estimates.