How can we make IEEE more relevant?

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Candidate Statement

I have spoken at over 200 IEEE events in all ten IEEE regions. My close association with members and volunteers at grassroots level gives me insights. I can easily empathize with academics, young professionals, mid-career industry engineers, and women and under-represented minorities, in particular. This helps me to address your needs by developing appropriate programs to advance your professional development. I pledge to:

Powerfully demonstrate IEEE’s relevance to current and prospective members

  • Proactive outreach demonstrating benefits of IEEE membership
  • Highlight the unparalleled networking opportunities at over 2000 international IEEE conferences held annually
  • Provide access to massive resources for up-skilling and innovative collaboration facilities with like-minded colleagues worldwide that IEEE makes available

Recognize the contributions our volunteers make for our publications and standards

  • Reviewers of IEEE journal papers will earn points which they can redeem to download published papers
  • Volunteers who contribute to guides and standards development can have access to these documents for their own use

Make IEEE stronger, more relevant, more global and more assertive

  • Provide broader member benefits and ensure financial transparency and stability
  • Promote new and innovative products and services for IEEE members
  • Deliver closer ties with industry and grow industry membership
  • Ascend geographical and political barriers to allow equal volunteer participation in IEEE
  • Better recognize contributions of female and under-represented minority members
  • Advance IEEE as a leader for addressing global challenges like Sustainable Development by working closely with other global technical professional societies

Together we will make IEEE a more successful and resilient global technical organization


Saifur Rahman 2021SAIFUR RAHMAN
(Nominated by Petition)

Joseph R. Loring Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Virginia Tech
Arlington, Virginia, USA

I am the founding director of the Advanced Research Institute at Virginia Tech. I have served as the chair of the US National Science Foundation Advisory Committee for International Science and Engineering. I am the founder of BEM Controls, LLC, a software company which provides building energy efficiency solutions. 

I have trained over forty doctoral/postdoctoral students. I am a Distinguished Lecturer for the IEEE Power & Energy Society, and have lectured in over 30 countries on Smart Grid, IoT and Sustainable Energy in six continents.

I was awarded the IEEE Millennium Medal in 2000 for outstanding achievements and contributions to IEEE. I am a 2014 Honoree of the IEEE Technical Activities Board Hall of Honor. I received the Outstanding Power Engineering Educator Award from PES in 2013. I received the Meritorious Service Award in 2012, the highest award bestowed by PES. I received the IEEE-USA Professional Achievement Award in 2011.

IEEE Board/Committees

  • Member, IEEE TAB/PSPB Products & Services Committee, 2018 and 2020.
  • Member, Board of Governors, IEEE Society for the Social Implications of Technology, 2014 – 2016.
  • Vice Chair, IEEE Publications Board, 2010.
  • Chair, IEEE Products & Services Committee, 2007 – 2010.
  • Director, IEEE Board of Directors, 2006
  • Chair, IEEE Publications Board, 2006.
  • Vice Chair, IEEE Publication Services and Products Board, 2004 – 2005
  • Chair, IEEE TAB Periodicals Committee, 2004 – 2005.
  • Member, IEEE Information Technology Strategic Committee, 2003 – 2004.
  • Chair, IEEE EAB Lifelong Learning Council, 2002.
  • Chair, IEEE Society Education Committee, 1999 – 2001.
  • Member, IEEE TAB Periodicals Committee, 2001 – 2003.
  • Member, Southeastern Electric Utility Research Group, 1986.
  • Awards Chairman, Virginia Mountain Section, IEEE, 1986 – 1987.
  • Member, Executive Committee, Virginia Mountain Section, IEEE, 1986 – 1987.
  • Chair, Virginia Mountain Section, IEEE, 1985 – 1986.
  • Member, IEEE Virginia Council, 1985 – 1986.
  • Vice-Chairman, Virginia Mountain Section, IEEE, 1984 – 1985.

Power & Energy Society

  • Past-President and Member of the Gov Board, IEEE Power & Energy Society, 2020 – 2021.
  • President and Member of the Gov Board, IEEE Power & Energy Society, 2018 – 2019.
  • President-elect and Member of the Gov Board, IEEE Power & Energy Society, 2016 – 2017.
  • Vice President, Publications and Member of the Gov Board, IEEE Power & Energy Society, 2012 – 2013.
  • Vice President, New Initiatives & Outreach and Member of the Gov Board, IEEE Power & Energy Society, 2008 – 2011.
  • Vice President, Technical Information Services, IEEE Power Engineering Society, 2001 – 2003.
  • Vice President, Education/Industry Relations, IEEE Power Engineering Society, 1999 – 2000.
  • Chair, Virginia Mountain Chapter, IEEE PES, 1981 – 1982.
  • Secretary/Treasurer, Virginia Mountain Chapter, IEEE PES, 1980 – 1981.
  • Member, IEEE PES Long Range System Planning Task Force, 1980 – 1986.
  • General Chair, IEEE PES ISGT Conference, Washington DC 2013, 2014 and 2015
  • General co-Chair, IEEE Asia Pacific Power & Energy Engineering Conference, Wuhan, China 2010