Performance Evaluation of Communication Technologies and Network Structure for Smart Grid Applications

Authors: Desong Bian , Murat Kuzlu , Manisa Pipattanasomporn , Saifur Rahman , Di Shi
Publisher: IET Communications, 13(8), 1025-1033
Published on: 05/14/2019
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The design of an effective and reliable communication network supporting smart grid applications requires the selection of appropriate communication technologies and protocols. The objective of this study is to study and quantify the capabilities of an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to support the simultaneous operation of major smart grid functions. These include smart metering, price-induced controls, distribution automation, demand response, and electric vehicle charging/discharging applications in terms of throughput and latency. OPNET is used to simulate the performance of selected communication technologies and protocols. Research findings indicate that smart grid applications can operate simultaneously by piggybacking on an existing AMI infrastructure and still achieve their latency requirements.

electric vehicles; power distribution reliability; power distribution faults; smart power grids