• IEEE PES Corporate Engagement Program
    Under my leadership, the Power & Energy Society started the IEEE PES Corporate Engagement Program in 2018. This is designed for the employer to pay the employee’s IEEE membership dues, and in return getting special recognition from the Power & Energy Society. This engages the organization more closely with IEEE. Additionally, this program gives the employer an opportunity to recognize and reward higher performing engineers or faculty members.
  • IEEE PES Chapters’ Councils
    We need a deeper engagement with technologists at the grassroots level. For IEEE societies, chapter members are our key resource. To provide a direct link between chapter leadership and the society governing board, I set up the highly effective IEEE Power & Energy Society Chapters’ Councils in China, India, Africa and Latin America that engage members, organize local events and reach out to local industry. I will mirror similar developments throughout IEEE.
  • The PES University
    One of the high-value opportunities IEEE members and non-members have expressed to me is lifelong learning, which IEEE can provide. I helped establish the very successful online PES University. This “university” offers tutorials, webinars and plain-talk courses in the Power & Energy Society’s field of interest. I will work on setting up an IEEE University encompassing all of IEEE’s fields of interest to support career development of practicing technologists.